Q: Who is

A: Credly empowers the recognition of lifelong achievement by offering the leading platforms for verifying, sharing and managing digital badges and credentials.  For more information, visit Credly’s FAQ page.

Q: Why isn’t the image of the digital badge showing up on my LinkedIn profile?

A: Great question!, DOI’s badging platform, has a unique partnership with LinkedIn. Badges shared to LinkedIn profiles show the issuing organization’s (DOI) logo on LinkedIn instead of the badge itself.  When the certification is clicked through it will take you to the learner’s certification page.

Q: Am I able to download the badge image, so that I can use it on my resume or personal website?

A: Yes!  From your profile page, mouse over your digital badge image, then select “Download” from the popup menu.

Q: Does the badge ever expire?

A: No!  You have your badge for life.

Q: When I click on “Evidence” within my digital badge information it links me to my training provider’s website, not my certification. Why?

A: At this time, we are unable to connect to the application that contains certifications.  We recommend that you contact your training provider or PEOPLECERT to obtain this information.

Q: I just passed my exam, how soon will I receive my badge?

A: Our examination partner, PEOPLECERT, validates the assessments monthly.  As soon as we receive the newly certified candidate data, our team distributes the digital badges.

Watch our video on digital badges:  The DevOps Institute Presents Digital Badges.