How do I become a REP?

We are always looking for quality training and consulting companies to partner with. Please go to our Registered Education Partner (REP) contact page to complete the form, and a representative will get back to you shortly.


How do I find a course in my Region?

While DOI does not directly deliver classes, we have a global network or Registered Education Partners (REP). To find a REP in your region click here. For a calendar of REP scheduled courses, click here.


Why is DevOps Foundation® a Pre-Requisite for the DevOps Practitioner® Series?

As the DevOps Institute rolls out its series of unique competency focused DevOps Practitioner series of courses, there have been questions from both the REP and learner community about the need for DevOps Foundation certification as a pre-requisite.

By their nature, pre-requisites provide the foundational knowledge necessary to move onto the next level.   At university, you cannot move onto a 200 level course without first meeting the pre-requisite of a 100 level course.   By requiring a pre-requisite, the instructor is confident in the class’ understanding of common concepts and does not have to take the time to back teach some or all of the material.   For the learner, the pre-requisite requirement also ensures that the advanced level course provides new advanced how-to knowledge. In essence, it levels the playing field.

Like all pre-requisites, DevOps Foundation teaches a broad range of DevOps terminology, principles, practices, and automation. It helps to instill systems thinking and exposes the learner to the DevOps processes across the entire DevOps spectrum. It draws the relationship between other frameworks such as Agile, ITSM, Lean and others. Most importantly, it provides an invaluable opportunity for Dev, Ops, Security, QA, and others to communicate and collaborate through common concepts.

Accepting a certification as a pre-requisite from a courseware provider other than DOI increases the risk of learners experiencing poor curriculum quality when they start their DevOps learning journey. We want learners to get the right information the first time. What’s more, we want to avoid the need for instructors to back teach to those learners, risking a quality, comprehensive learning experience for all.


Do you have a published syllabus/ can we write our own courses?

Since DevOps does not have a single body of knowledge, the skill course developer’s at DOI have done extensive research on emerging DevOps practices, and have developed high quality professional training materials that are licensed to our Registered Education Partners (REPs). To learn more about the topics covered in each of our classes, click here.


Can I take the exam without the course?

We believe certification reflects the quality of your training experience.

To maintain the value and integrity of the certification, all candidates are required to attend approved DOI classes through one of our REPS in order to be eligible to sit the exam.


I took a course/e-learning though one or your Registered Education Partners, how do I arrange for the exam?

Please refer back to your Registered Education Partner to arrange an exam.


What if I need to re-sit? 

We are very proud of the relation to the quality of the courses and the pass rate of the exams, however in the unlikely event that a candidate does not pass the exam, they may arrange for a re-sit through their REP.


Can I purchase manuals?

No-you must attend a course through an accredited Registered Education Partner in order to obtain the materials and sit the exam.


How do I become a trainer?

Registered Education Partners are frequently looking for qualified full-time and contract trainers to teach DevOps courses. Please click here to the view REPs in you region.


Am I able to claim PMI PDUs for attending DOI courses?

Although DOI has not currently been issued an official code to submit for PMI PDU credit, you can submit for credit successfully by way of the “Other” category at the PMI website. Essentially, 1 PDU credit per hour of instructor-led training. So, in the case of DevOps Foundation, 16 credits would be applicable.