DevOps as a movement has flourished recently in spite of or perhaps because it has defied precise definition. There is no manifesto or similar treatise that lays out the immutable facts of DevOps. In fact, the community has coalesced around a Wikipedia article as a non-definitive, definitive definition. However, DevOps does not exist in a vacuum.

The DevOps Institute’s (DOI) purpose if to fulfill the mission of transforming the way IT is practiced. Not only for development and operations, but also for quality assurance, security and, even sales and marketing. All have a pivotal role in DevOps.

For DevOps to gain full acceptance by enterprise organizations, best practices-based curriculums have to be developed. More and more, enterprises are requiring certifications to not only show a return on their investment in training but more importantly, a certification in a DOI course will signify that the applicant has been trained in the highest quality, best practices-based training available.

DOI currently offers several certification courses: an introductory DevOps Foundation® course as well an entire series of DevOps Practitioner® courses that are geared toward modern IT roles. In addition, DOI also offers non-certification courses, such as Lean DevOps, ITSM DevOps, Kanban for DevOps, and DevOps Simulation.


⦁  DevOps Foundation
⦁  Certified Agile Service Manager
⦁  Certified Agile Process Owner
⦁  DevOps Test Engineering
⦁  Continuous Delivery Architecture
⦁  DevOps Leader
⦁  DevSecOps Engineering

Inclusive in every sense

The DOI team recognizes that the DevOps community has to have a leading role in defining the curriculum and ensuring that any certified course meets the community’s needs.  As a result, the DOI has appointed a Board of Regents to oversee the courses offered by DOI. The board reviews all curriculum and materials for every DOI course. Additionally, they offer input in designing and updating all classes.

The board consists of thought leaders within the DevOps community, as well as the larger IT training community. To ensure DevOps-related training remains relevant in today’s fast-moving landscape, board membership is always evolving. 

Although DOI creates courseware that is delivered by Registered Education Partners (REPs), DOI also certifies and tests custom DevOps-related training courses created by others. All classes are reviewed by DOI and the board. A syllabus is published for all DOI courses that can be used by other education providers to develop their own courses. 

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