“Culture change is the most intimidating thing about DevOps”

“Culture change is the most intimidating thing about DevOps”

“I’m a Cloud Architect with a background in software development before I made the jump to cloud technologies and DevOps. I consider myself an evangelist for Agile, DevOps, and ChatOps. My organization is very much a waterfall style shop and developed on-prem software.  So, with a lack of exposure to a production environment for so long, there’s resistance to changing process.

Day to day, DevOps would make my job easier by allowing for more throughput of work and a higher quality of deliverable. There would also be a lot less stress in my day to day life.

I see DevOps adoptions becoming more and more prevalent as well as maturing across our entire industry. So, embracing this philosophy will help us all implement greater and more impactful changes and bring more success with us.

Culture change is the most intimidating thing about DevOps. Culture is very hard to change, but it is so essential to effectively implement DevOps at an organization. Many DevOps implementations fail because of resistance of the culture change. Even though it’s fairly common to encounter when trying to implement DevOps, the amount of work is huge and intimidates me a little every time.”

– Lee (Austin, TX)

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