“With my company, it was very much ‘how do we start?'”

“With my company, it was very much ‘how do we start?'”

“People have a very hard time accepting change. It scares them, it scared me at first, even in what most would consider a leadership role. 

With my company, it was very much “how do we start?” That’s why I like coming to events like [DevOpsDays Philly] and hearing what everyone says. Chances are we’ve all run into the same problems.

DevOps already makes my job easier. What’s hard is when someone new comes into the picture and you kind of feel like you have to start from scratch – find some way to integrate them into your well-oiled machine. But as long as they understand the concept of DevOps, they always end up doing fine.

My biggest fear, and my whole team knows this, was not what happens if we do DevOps. It’s what happens when we don’t.”

– William (Philadelphia, PA)

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