“Waste is an intimidating thing, isn’t it?”

Humans of DevOps

Humans of DevOps - Cuba

“Waste is an intimidating thing, isn’t it?”

“I had managed a mid-size team during the developing of several projects concurrently, which lead us to several challenges that motivated us to embrace agility. We started with SCRUM, then Kanban and the Lean movement. We also embraced Continuous Delivery and an automation mindset. Since 2010 I’d been a Lean-Agile enthusiast evangelizing the team to embrace DevOps culture and practices.

DevOps means no dust under the carpet; creating visibility of the value stream, highlighting the bottlenecks and creating awareness of the technical debt saves us from unexpected issues nobody knew about before they happened. Developing our products by improving the right metrics allows us to create high-quality software. This is translated to fewer bugs in production and thus more time to add more value to our products and of course, spending less time in the urgency room with high levels of stress.

Personally, I think in certain scenarios convincing management and getting their support from bottom-up is really tough. DevOps adoption requires learning and experimentation, and this requires time, sometimes this might be incorrectly considered as waste by management. From certain perspectives, waste is an intimidating thing, isn’t it? Without the right management support, DevOps adoption can be undermined.”

– Anesto (Cuba)

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