“What will happen to my job? Where will I go after this?”

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Humans of DevOps - Ohio

What will happen to my job? Where will I go after this?

“I’ve been working as an engineer in automation for quite some time, so when I came to know about DevOps, I was actually able to relate that DevOps is about automating things, connecting things – it’s about a people change. And before attending DevOps Leader, I was only doing a part of DevOps, which was automation, but then I came to know about the other side of the word. I learned how to break silos, how to work with other teams, and how to bring everything under CI/CD.

The biggest challenge I see in my organization is the silos. And there are silos within silos. I also see a challenge of people not being on the same page at the same time. So one organization will be trying to do DevOps and getting everything under CI/CD, but they are being limited by another organization that hasn’t even started DevOps. The other challenge is the culture change, finding out what are the factors are critical to success.

The most exciting thing is I learn something new every day. When I talk to people about DevOps, I see they’re hesitant, so I tell them how we are practicing, how we are starting small. People get intimidated. ‘What will happen to my job? Where will I go after this?’

I tell people we have to start small – people want to change overnight, but that is not DevOps.

The Spotify model discussed in DevOps Leader really helped me as a resource, and I’m trying to build something like that in my organization, but it is definitely a challenge.”

– Amit (Ohio)

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