Humans of DevOps

Humans of DevOps

Humans of DevOps – The Series

This series showcases the thoughts of real people doing real DevOps

DevOps is all about people. All kinds of people. Thought leaders. Tool providers. Enterprise leadership. Stakeholders. Engineers. Customers. Humans.

Cultural transformation is clearly recognized as the single most critical and single most difficult aspect of DevOps. But here’s the reality – culture doesn’t transform. People transform. And people have a wealth of, ideas, observations, concerns and insights into the why, what, when and how to improve the delivery of value to customers. Unfortunately, many of those thoughts are not easily accessible to the people who are driving the transformation.

As part of our commitment to being the Continuous Learning Community, the DevOps Institute is proud to introduce a new Humans of DevOps series that will showcase the thoughts of real people doing real DevOps. The people who are on the ground and doing their best to make DevOps a reality in their organization. The people who often do not have a voice outside of their own teams. The people who collectively can change the world of software delivery.

The Humans of DevOps series will include blogs, webinars and other opportunities for the exchange of human-to-human interactions. We will be interviewing hundreds of humans across a wide variety of roles, regions, and enterprises. It is our hope that this series will give leaders a view into the minds of their constituents while also encouraging peer-to-peer learning across the DevOps community. But above all, it is our hope that the Humans of DevOps series will remind people that they are important and that we want to hear their unique perspectives and creative ideas.

Are you a Human of DevOps with thoughts to share? We would love to tell your story. Reach out to us at

Humans of DevOps is a series that we have initiated to capture a rare glimpse into the minds of DevOps people throughout our unique space. Join our Continuous Learning Community for free today.