“The people who build things are the best people to figure out what went wrong.”

Humans for DevOps - San Francisco

Humans for DevOps - San Francisco

For the sake of my past roles, I wish we started co-locating development and operation’s responsibilities earlier in my career.

I lived in the old classic enterprise-y time where dev was over here and ops was over there, and getting everyone together was definitely the right thing to do.

In my current position, at my current company, we have always done DevOps – by which I mean, we don’t just keep dev and ops people who collaborate. We don’t have separate ops people at all. Every developer writes the features, makes sure it has good quality, that it performs well, and that it’s reliable and manageable.

The same people who build the software are the same people who are on-call. The people who build things are the best people to figure out what went wrong. That’s why we do DevOps.”

– Russell (San Francisco), VP Engineering

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