Introducing DevOpportunities, Your Go-To DevOps Job Board

Taylor Puleri
Community Manager at DevOps Institute

As the Continuous Learning Community, it is our goal to inspire, educate, and engage #HumansofDevOps at all levels of expertise. In growing our community globally to 51 countries, it has become clear that our series of certifications arm DevOps practitioners and aspiring DevOps practitioners with the skill sets they need to excel in their respective roles. But what happens when you outgrow your role? When you realize it’s time for a change in your career?

Enter: DevOpportunities, a DevOps-specific job board and free service to all DevOps Institute Community Members.

“The need for DevOps talent is on the rise – almost every organization that I talk to is hiring,” says Jayne Groll, CEO of the DevOps Institute. “We launched DevOpportunities to help talented people showcase their skills in our resume database while searching open DevOps-specific jobs from the most desirable employers.” In other words, the time has come for you to exercise your fullest potential, for you to transform individually and allow that transformation to transcend your role and make an impact organizationally.

“If you’re on the hunt for a DevOps job, don’t expect your search to last long,” says The Enterprise Project, and what better way find your dream job than to bypass the sifting and filtering of generic job boards?

DevOpportuntities is your one-stop-shop, the place you can save time, energy, and truly hone in on the career path you’re destined to follow. Become a Community Member and upload your resume today, before someone else gets hired for a job that’s rightfully yours. Join DOI, advance your career.


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