5 Reasons to Attend Jenkins World 2018

Jenkins World 2018


Have you registered for DevOps World/Jenkins World 2018 yet?

This year’s event is scheduled for September 16-19 in San Francisco, California, and October 22-25 in Nice, France. Super Early Bird registration is open now, which means that you can register for $499 (or $449.10 if you work for a non-profit or the federal government.) After June 1, the prices jump to $999 or $899.10, and if you wait until July 13, you’ll have to pay $1,199 or $1,079.10.

However, in our opinion, the conference is well worth the cost — even if you pay the full sticker price.

Why? Here are five reasons:

  1. You’ll Learn a Lot from the Sessions.

Jenkins World brings together some of the foremost experts on DevOps. In 2017, keynote speakers included Jenkins creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey and famed DevOps author and speaker Jez Humble. While the 2018 speakers haven’t yet been announced, they are sure to include some of the leading DevOps authorities.

The conference also includes plenty of sessions and workshops on DevOps practices, continuous delivery, Agile, Lean and, of course, Jenkins. You can even choose to get your Jenkins certification at the event.

  1. You’ll Learn a Lot from Other Attendees.

More than 2,000 IT managers, DevOps practitioners, vendors and other people who work in DevOps will be attending Jenkins World, and many people say they learn as much by networking with other conference participants as they do from the scheduled sessions. It’s a great time to swap stories of what is working (and what isn’t) in your DevOps implementation and to gather ideas for how to improve.

  1. You Can Attend Pre-Conference Training.

Maximize the ROI from the event by coming early for training sessions. Since your company is already paying to send you to the conference, why not kill two birds with one stone and take advantage of the excellent training and certification opportunities available. In the past, DevOps Institute has offered our DevOps Test Engineering (DTE) and DevOps Leader (DOL) certification courses at Jenkins World — and we offered a discount for conference attendees. Staying an extra day or two doesn’t add a lot of cost to the trip, and it can dramatically increase the amount of learning you’ll be able to soak in.

  1. You’ll Come Back Recharged and Reinvigorated.

Implementing DevOps is a long, hard process.

And it never ends.

Even the most dedicated DevOps devotee can become discouraged from time to time.

Getting away from the office and interacting with the larger DevOps community for a few days often results in a boost to your productivity. As you see the results that other people are gaining from implementing DevOps and reflect on the changes that you’ve seen in your own workplace, you’ll recapture your enthusiasm. You’ll come back full of new ideas and energy for putting them into practice.

  1. Putting Your New DevOps Skills into Practice Will Yield Big Benefits.

Of course, the most important reason of all for attending Jenkins World is the impact it will have on your organization. As you use the skills you learn and refine at the event, you’ll see faster delivery, improved stability, better communication, and collaboration, increased innovation and enhanced security — not to mention the positive benefits on employee morale.

So sign up today for Jenkins World 2018. We hope to see you there!

Cynthia Harvey

About the Author

Cynthia Harvey is a freelance writer and editor based in the Detroit area. She has been covering the technology industry for more than fifteen years.

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