The DevOps Institute Announces a New Non-Certification, ITSM for DevOps℠

The latest DrillDown is aimed at organizations interested in modernizing ITSM processes in support of a DevOps or digital transformation

BOCA RATON, Fla. – May 9, 2018 – The DevOps Institute (DOI), the Continuous Learning Community around emerging DevOps practices, education and certification, is proud to announce the launch of a new non-certification: ITSM for DevOps. This non-certification describes how to adapt IT service management (ITSM) processes in support of DevOps. Learners will learn pragmatic approaches for streamlining and automating existing ITSM processes and handling compliance as code. ITSM for DevOps is the second in a series of non-certification “DrillDowns” created by the DevOps Institute and is a complement to its line of DevOps Practitioner® certification series. All certifications and non-certifications are delivered by DOI’s global channel of Registered Education Partners.

The ITSM for DevOps DrillDown introduces ways to achieve both speed and control while driving value across the IT value stream. The DrillDown was authored by Donna Knapp (@ITSM_Donna), a writer, lifelong learner, teacher and certified process professional, and author of several publications, such as “A Guide to Customer Service Skills for the Service Desk Professional,” and “A Guide to Service Desk Concepts” and “The ITSM Process Design Guide.”

“Organizations adopting a DevOps culture and practices are able to deliver high-quality software faster, which means the business can deliver value to customers faster,” says Knapp. “ITSM processes are vital to organizations achieving this success but they must be adapted.”

ITSM process owners, process managers, stakeholders, IT transformation leaders, coaches, managers, consultants guiding their clients through DevOps-related process improvement initiatives, and anyone interested in modernizing ITSM processes in support of a DevOps or digital transformation will find this DrillDown particularly helpful as they explore key ITSM for DevOps topics, including:

  • The DevOps transformation
  • How ITSM is viewed as a constraint
  • How DevOps introduces new ways of thinking and working
  • How to adapt key ITSM processes in support of DevOps
  • ITSM process integration and automation
  • How to leverage Lean and Agile methods to reduce waste and positively impact both the cost and quality of processes and services

The DevOps Institute is actively developing future DrillDowns. This series of non-certification workshops “drills down” more deeply into a topic or practice. DrillDown workshops are very focused and provide more prescriptive guidance and practical experience for the learner. These DrillDowns are designed as complementary “plugins” to DOIs existing certification portfolio or as continuous learning opportunities for individuals who may not need to seek additional certification.  DOI’s global network of education partners will offer the DrillDowns as bundles or as stand-alone offerings.

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