Wicked Problems are worth addressing

Don’t let your monitoring program sit on the back-burner

I’ve been ranting about monitoring, service management and DevOps for so long now the stories seem to blur. While we’ve made tremendous progress in IT, monitoring is one of those wicked problems that never seems to get truly solved.

But I continue to be certain that while addressing this beast often feels futile, it is definitely worth addressing. Managing the digital user experience has become the basis for competition in the digital age, and so IT performance monitoring is now a foundation of success (which I’ve always thought it was anyway).

DevOps was born out of a need for cultural change, and we all know how difficult that is and how long that really takes. Unfortunately, many (most?) monitoring efforts are low-level projects focused on a specific technology domain and do not address human factors at all.

Install the monitor and we’re done… (NOT). The human factors associated with monitoring programs are just as difficult and just as important as any transformative change effort. Yet we still want ‘instant monitoring’, effortless analytics and real-time access to anything anytime and at zero cost.

But all is not lost.

Effective monitoring has the unique ability to help break down walls. To establish real organizational transparency and trust. In fact, an effective monitoring program is fundamental to any continuous improvement effort. These programs mirror transformative change efforts such as DevOps, cloud migrations and digital transformations.

I’m looking forward to working with my webinar with DevOps Institute on June 26th, where I’ll share my long and often painful journey evangelizing monitoring as a driver of transformational change and organizational development.

While there have been– and will always be— challenges associated with monitoring and monitoring portfolios, don’t give up hope. There have been successes! So, even if you have a parochial (siloed) view of monitoring, if you’re frustrated with the fragmented status quo of most enterprise monitoring environments this might be just for you. 

Join me as I share some stories of a savage journey to service management excellence and don’t give up on the journey.

Author: John Worthington, Director of Customer Success at eG Innovations

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