DevOps Institute Certification Spotlight with Lavanya Arul

Professional certifications are a reflection of the in-demand skills needed to break into a new career field. DevOps Institute helps IT professionals advance their skills, knowledge, ideas and learning through role-based certifications. These industry-recognized certification programs focus on modern competencies and job requirements necessary for today’s organizations that are implementing DevOps.

The individual we are spotlighting below is recognized as a “DevOps Certified” professional who holds accredited DevOps Institute certifications. This “Human of DevOps” actively advances and supports DevOps patterns and practices to strengthen the collective human ‘know-how’ within the DevOps community and help DevOps transformation succeed at their organization.

This week, we are excited to spotlight DevOps Certified Professional, Lavanya Arul, a DevOps Consultant and Trainer. Lavanya holds certifications in DevOps Foundation, DevOps Leader, DevSecOps, SRE, and CASM.

Below, we asked Lavanya a few questions about what drove her to become certified, study tips, and any advice she has for DevOps professionals considering certification.

Lavanya is a DevOps consultant and trainer at Big Datum. She is experienced in quickly understanding complex objectives, managing scope, and building stakeholder consensus to a structured delivery approach. She collaboratively manages global team resources to deliver objectives and relies on extensive technical background especially in Microsoft technologies to quickly assimilate new information technologies. Lavanya acts as the calming influence in resourcing matrices of objectives, cultural differences, vague and politically charged cross-functional activities.

(You can connect with Lavanya directly on Twitter at @lavanyaa0 or via LinkedIn)

What drove you to get certified in each of your chosen domains?

In this competitive world and environment, we have to stand apart from the crowd. Certification is one way for this. I developed this addiction a while back and today it has become part of my DNA. Every birthday of mine, I take a certification because I feel that is the best gift I can give myself. In the professional domain, when I have a varied background and variety of certifications, I am able to give a holistic solution for my clients when I do consultations.

What are your top study tips prior to taking an exam?

Going through the glossary section definitely helps to clear the exam. This helps to align my understanding of the concepts with the correct and appropriate terminologies.

How has getting certified benefited your career? Any recommendations to others who are thinking about joining a certification program?

It certainly gives recognition in the market. No doubt, experience is primary. But when certification is combined with experience, that is the biggest hit. Certification is something like a neutral body validating our industry experience. So I would strongly encourage everyone to take the certifications.

Start slow, start now. Start with a certification journey. Do not rush to take the exam. Slowly allow the concepts to sink in. Gradually beef up the experience. Once you can relate to the best practices, then going for the exam will surely help in career advancement.

What advice do you have for DevOps professionals who are considering a certification?

As I said earlier, I strongly encourage everyone to start a journey of certifications. It is a good addiction to have. It makes us feel worthy in the industry. It gives a sense of belongingness. I am here today featured in front of you, because of these certifications.

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