DevOps… So, What is the Abyss?

By: Amanda Pinto

After all, at what point in our career do we need to take some risks, change the path?
What are the most important challenges for you to overcome today?

What does information technology bring “different” to your life, to the business? Where in the present day does it become so strategic and essential to leverage productivity and results?

The technology professional needs to assume the role of “protagonist”, because it is from technology that the values of any business are created. Technology is the means to deliver value to the business. It is the strategic link that raises productivity and creates the differential in any market segment.

So, what is the abyss?

Technologies change, tools change, companies change… And have you changed?

What will be the secret to achieving the longed for success with the teams? In other words, delivery of value, quality, compliance, scalability, a harmonious organizational environment, high performance teams, success indicators?

According to these objectives, running and unpreparedness are very strong signs in large organizations and their leaders. And are companies really prepared? Are the leaders really prepared?

Unfortunately not. There is a great gap between “wanting” and “being”.

Abyss, people…

My passion and mission in bringing devOps (its practices and culture to people and organizations) started, by understanding how many organizations and people need to evolve in order to achieve common goals.

This involves culture, respect, the way you put yourself in relation to the other and how you share your wishes and knowledge. That is why DevOps comes to break these boundaries and therefore it is so fantastic.

It eliminates silos, it eliminates powers, individualities, politics and many vanities! AUTONOMY… DISCOMFORT… And is anyone or any organization really willing to face this transformation?

The great abyss created by us human beings that prevent us from communicating with each other, from collaborating with each other, from simply accepting an opinion or that someone has knowledge that I don’t have. Whether in operation or in development, DevOps teaches us to share the same pains and demonstrates that everyone should simply speak the same language and look them in the eye!

The answer to reducing wear and tear in a DevOps environment, as in any work environment, is to correct what is causing the “problem”, rather than trying to “fix” people who suffer from wear and tear, pressure for unattainable goals. To make progress in solving the problem, organizations need to focus on areas that can lead to burnout and find out how to create a better fit between people and work.

In this new vision, we eliminate the culture of “guilt” and look for the best solutions and the innovations necessary to solve the difficulties. We entrust, delegate and celebrate all the events of our daily lives …

So once again I ask: How much is willing to overcome this abyss?

Or do you prefer to hide behind an positiont, politics, culture, Gabriela syndrome, or hierarchy? The devOps breaks up with all of this… position, SLAs, etc !!! It shows that we all need to master knowledge and be agile, generalist and deliver value. The essence is customer value!

How willing are you to overcome this abyss?

My mission in spreading DevOps is to demonstrate how much we need to evolve as human beings. In other words, as we need to look more to the side… see the other and integrate, eliminate differences in order to align everyone in the same objective, think about the whole.

DevOps eliminates medieval cultures from areas of technology where the sovereign was in power! He defends the autonomy between the teams and the celebration of small victories, learning from the failures that occur, through feedback, retrospectives, intense training and investment in “people”, aiming at innovation, automation of processes and delivery of value to the business.

When we identify the “power” that is disseminated by healthy relationships, we can understand the mysteries of devOps and then we can finally justify that its mission is to evolve people in much more than tools but in a mentality. A new “mindset”.

The tools will be the result of highly autonomous teams, agile innovators and with purpose. Where its essence will be automation to the extreme, monitoring and scalability.

Thus the objectives will be common among all and the visible results. Aggregating people, technology and business.

You need to connect people! This is the role of technology. Break walls, remove silos, reinvent yourself every day. Make the difference!

Eliminate the abyss… make a change…


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