Case Study for Hardware Manufacturer

By: Niladri Choudhuri

This is a story about how a global hardware manufacturer used the learning from the DoL Course and improved their workings.


One of the senior managers in the organization responsible for the DevOps Adoption, went through training on DevOps. After going through DevOps Foundation and DevOps Leader the manager decided to implement the learnings. They were from the Infrastructure side. The first step was to start with Value Stream Mapping.

What did they do

They wanted to achieve the following:

  • Fix constraint or pain areas in a new way
  • Conflate of idea and insights to improve quality of service
  • Create high impact and differentiated value
  • Sustainable unique solutions to customer
  • Measure everything and continuously improve

After going through the Value Stream Mapping Exercise, they identified areas of improvement. This was in 3 parts:

Repeatable Tasks

  • Shift Left report jobs
  • Have Daily Health Checks
  • Improve and Automate Configuration Management
  • Automate Common Admin Tasks, Scheduled activities E.g. DR, Upgrades etc.
  • Automate Patch Management

Automation of Infrastructure

  • CRUD of Cloud Infra
  • Automated Workflow execution across multiple heterogeneous systems
  • Make it Platform Neutral
  • Have a Single source of truth
  • End ‘Snow Flakes’ configuration

Adopt Agile and DevOps

  • Help in Rapid application delivery
  • Better Resource utilization on demand
  • Repeatable and reliable with minimal human intervention
  • Execute the DevOps ‘3 Ways’

Benefits they achieved

They have been a remarkable improvement in their operations. They were able to get the following advantages:

  • Single pane for management of operational tasks
  • “Jobs” for easy hand offs between Engineering & Operations
  • Create interfaces between disparate tools &resources
  • Give managers auditing, access control and logging
  • Lower “mean-time to button” and ease of use
  • Aligns with Leader’s goal – “Stability”

The outcome were:

  • 56 CIPs Deployed using A3 Method
  • 315K in Cost Savings in FY 2018-19
  • ~2200 hours of efficiency gain in FY 2018-19

This is all possible when someone tries to implement the learning of the DevOps Course, from DevOps Institute.

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