DevOps Institute April Highlights

DevOps Institute April Highlights

April marked the launch of several new and exciting things at DevOps Institute. First and foremost, we declared April as Value Stream Management month! Throughout April, we hosted several events and shared new resources dedicated VSM in order to best support our fellow Humans of DevOps along their VSM journeys.

In the spirit of VSM month, several ambassadors hosted a Global DevOps Institute Ambassador CrowdChat dedicated to all things Value Stream Management. The CrowdChat platform served as a channel for the DevOps community to virtually interact and exchange knowledge on the top patterns and practices shaping VSM today. Read a detailed recap and some of our favorite conversations here or see the full Crowdchat below:

Full Crowdchat

We also held our first monthly Virtual SKILup Day conference! April’s SKILup Day offered incredible ‘how-to’ sessions on the people, process and technology aspects of Value Stream Management from speakers like Mike Orzen, Jack Maher, Jeff Keyes, Shaaron Alvares, Helen Beal, Eric Robertson and Brian Dawson. The conference also featured a virtual exhibit hall, networking lounge and a scavenger hunt! If you missed the live event, you can catch all of the VSM sessions here.

The DevOps Institute certification spotlight feature launched as well. A certification spotlight is a weekly post featuring an individual who holds multiple accredited DevOps Institute certifications. These featured ‘DevOps Certified Professionals’ are actively advancing and supporting DevOps patterns and practices to strengthen the collective human ‘know-how’ within the DevOps community and help DevOps transformation succeed at their organization.

Read the first certification spotlight featuring Lavanya Arul here. Stay tuned for more certification spotlights, and look for the #DevOpsCertified posts on Twitter and LinkedIn to help us celebrate the accomplishments of the newly certified Humans of DevOps. 

Jayne Groll, Founder and CEO of DevOps Institute, also released four new episodes of the Humans of DevOps podcast. In Episode 12, Jayne and Shaaron Alvares, Sr. Agile and DevOps Transformation Coach at T-Mobile, discuss inclusiveness and diversity. Episode 13 features Jayne and Helen Beal, Chief Ambassador of DevOps Institute, who discuss trends in the value stream management space and how neuroscience influences the work we do. Episode 14 featured Jack Maher, Standing on Shoulders LLC, who discussed the disconnections in digital transformation, key takeaways from his new book Standing on Shoulders and challenges of Value Stream Management. Finally, in Episode 15, Sean Mack, CIO and CSO of Wiley and Jayne discuss a CIO’s pandemic experience.  

In April we continued to highlight Global DevOps Institute Ambassador content. Romnick Acabado’s blog was right on theme, examining why we need value stream management. Biswajit Mohapatra shared DevOps Value Stream Mapping – A Box Score Based Approach, and Helen Beal and Bryan Finster gave us insight into the Value Stream Architect role. 

The current list of DevOps Institute Ambassadors can be found here. See more April highlights below from DevOps Institute Ambassadors: 

April ended on a great note, with plenty of new content around VSM and a successful Virtual SKILup Day in the books. There are several ways to continue your Value Stream Management learning journey:

  • Join the DevOps Institute Community Slack Channel where you can find a channel dedicated specifically to VSM. 
  • Become a member of DevOps Institute’s continuous learning community, where you will gain access to resources that can help you advance your skills, knowledge, ideas and learning (SKIL) around Value Stream Management.
  • Register for Virtual VSM DevCon from SD Times. This free virtual conference takes place on July 22.

There are plenty of events, fresh content, and exciting announcements to come this month. We’ve officially designated May as Enterprise Kubernetes month! Stay tuned for details about our next K8s focused Global Ambassador CrowdChat and be sure to join the next Virtual SKILup Day on May 21. Learn more and save your seat for Virtual SKILup Day: Enterprise Kubernetes here.

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