DevOps Institute May Highlights

May was full of several new and exciting things at DevOps Institute. To start the month, we declared May as Enterprise Kubernetes month! Because of this, we hosted several events and shared new resources dedicated to Enterprise Kubernetes throughout the month of May. 

To kick-off Enterprise Kubernetes month events, several ambassadors hosted a Global DevOps Institute Ambassador CrowdChat dedicated to all things Kubernetes. The CrowdChat was a great way for the DevOps community to virtually interact and exchange knowledge on the top patterns and practices shaping Kubernetes today. See the full Crowdchat HERE

We also held our second monthly Virtual SKILup Day conference! May’s SKILup Day provided ‘how-to’ insight from speakers Tracy Ragan, Daniel Oh, BMK Lakshminarayanan, Adrian Goins, Tiffany Jachja, Matthias Luebken, Baruch Sadogursky, Himanshu Patel, and Viktor Farcic. The SKILup Day highlighted the people, processes and technology shaping Enterprise Kubernetes today. The event also offered a scavenger hunt, networking lounge, exhibit hall, resource library, and wellness videos. You can see the full details of the entire event here.  

The DevOps Institute also continued highlighting DevOps Certified Professionals this month. The ‘DevOps Certified Professionals’ were highlighted in an individual post featuring professionals who hold multiple accredited DevOps Institute certifications. These certification spotlights offered insights into why each DevOps professional chooses to become certified, how they choose to learn and study, and how each certification has come in handy throughout their career. 

You can read Jack Maher’s certification spotlight here. Stay tuned for more certification spotlights, and look for the #DevOpsCertified posts on Twitter and LinkedIn to help us celebrate the accomplishments of the newly certified Humans of DevOps. 

We also continued to highlight contributions for our DevOps Ambassadors throughout the month of May. You can see all of their contributions on our blog here, as well as our Medium publication, The Humans of DevOps, here

As well, Chief Ambassador, Helen Beal and DevOps Institute Ambassadors came together to discuss why Enterprise Kubernetes are important. To read the insightful contributions from DevOps practitioners all around the world, read the article here.

As well, the current list of DevOps Institute Ambassadors can be found here

The DevOps Institute announced its first playbook, “The DevOps Journey” as part of the SKILup Playbook Library. The SKILup Playbook Library is a collective body of knowledge (cBok) aligning thought leadership from industry experts with a set of dynamic, orchestrated artifacts, research and assets. 

The DevOps Journey playbook, recognizes that DevOps is indeed a journey and supports a “start where you are” approach that meets different levels of DevOps maturity and different areas of interest. The playbook consists of chapter contributions from industry thought leaders Shaaron Alvares, Helen Beal, JP Garbani, Andi Mann, Eveline Oehrlich, Matthew Skelton and Karen Skiles. You can access the DevOps Journey Playbook here

May ended on a great note, with plenty of new content around Enterprise Kubernetes and a successful Virtual SKILup Day in the books. There are several ways to continue your Enterprise Kubernetes learning journey:

  • Join the DevOps Institute Community on Slack.
  • Become a member of DevOps Institute’s continuous learning community, where you will gain access to resources that can help you advance your skills, knowledge, ideas and learning (SKIL) around Enterprise Kubernetes.

There are plenty of events, fresh content, and exciting announcements to come this month. We’ve officially designated June as Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) month! Stay tuned for details about our next SRE focused Global Ambassador CrowdChat and be sure to join the next Virtual SKILup Day on June 18. Learn more and save your seat for Virtual SKILup Day: SRE here.

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