DevOps Institute Digital Badges

The DevOps Institute launched a digital badging program in 2016. The digital badging program offers successful candidates a visible, verifiable and sharable recognition of their professional achievements.

What is the benefit of having a digital badge?

A digital badge helps individuals gain recognition for significant professional development by allowing them to easily share their achievements.

Digital Badge Showcase

Check out the latest digital badges the DevOps Institute is issuing and read more about what it takes to earn a DevOps Institute digital badge.

DevOps Institute Certifications

Expand your career opportunities or enter new areas of practice with help from DevOps Institute certifications. Each course is developed with practicing experts to build critical competencies in specialized topics.

Overview Videos

This video describes what digital badges are and how they benefit our members.


DevOps Institute digital badges build a visible portfolio of respected, validated certificates and credentials that show your professional network that you have proven skills and possess the latest industry knowledge and DevOps specialties.

The DevOps Practitioner

The DevOps Practitioner courses support IT roles for the modern enterprise. Each DevOps certification course is focused towards continually addressing the emerging and growing needs of IT professionals and organizations worldwide.

Fast Facts

Here are some interesting facts that you may want to share with your professional network when discussing digital badges.

  • Each badge has a unique URL to ensure that the individual earned the shared or displayed certificate.
  • According to a recent LinkedIn study, LinkedIn profiles with certifications and badges are viewed six times more often than the average profile.
  • The DevOps Institute offers digital badges for all of our accredited certification and non-certification courses.


Who is
Credly empowers the recognition of lifelong achievement by offering the leading platforms for verifying, sharing and managing digital badges and credentials. For more information, visit Credly’s FAQ page.
Why isn’t the image of the digital badge showing up on my LinkedIn profile?
Great question!, DOI’s badging platform, has a unique partnership with LinkedIn. Badges shared to LinkedIn profiles show the issuing organization’s (DOI) logo on LinkedIn instead of the badge itself. When the certification is clicked through it will take you to the learner’s certification page.
How do I add my digital badge to my LinkedIn profile?
Credly has enabled a copy and paste feature to make it easy for you to manually add your verified achievements, badges, or certifications to your LinkedIn Profile and to share them with your LinkedIn network. Read more on Credly’s site.
Am I able to download the badge image, so that I can use it on my resume or personal website?
Yes! From your profile page, mouse over your digital badge image, then select “Download” from the popup menu.
Does the badge ever expire?
No! You have your badge for life.
I just passed my exam, how soon will I receive my badge?
Our examination partner, PEOPLECERT, validates the assessments monthly. As soon as we receive the newly certified candidate data, our team distributes the digital badges.


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