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Agile Insights with DevOps Institute Global Ambassador, Lavanya Arul

Agile, DevOps Basics, Humans of DevOps

October 28, 2020

DevOps Institute Ambassadors are volunteers from across the globe who want to help advance the career opportunities in IT and support emerging practices within the DevOps community based on a human-centered SKIL Framework, consisting of Skills, Knowledge, Ideas, and Learning.  

These individuals are advocates for the “Humans of DevOps” and are industry pioneers who are passionate about the DevOps movement, are recognized DevOps subject matter experts and who voluntarily contribute to the Collaborative Body of Knowledge (CBok) of DevOps. 

This week, we are proud to feature an Ambassador from Singapore, Lavanya Arul, a SAFe consultant and Agile Coach. 

Below, we asked Lavanya about the top skills needed to practice Agile and DevOps, DevOps challenges and a proud “DevOps” moment.

Lavanya is also a DevOps consultant and trainer at Siva Nambi Consulting. She is experienced in quickly understanding complex objectives, managing scope, and building stakeholder consensus to a structured delivery approach. She collaboratively manages global team resources to deliver objectives and relies on extensive technical background especially in Microsoft technologies to quickly assimilate new information technologies. Lavanya acts as the calming influence in resourcing matrices of objectives, cultural differences, vague and politically charged cross-functional activities. 

(You can connect with Lavanya directly on Twitter at @lavanyaa0 or via LinkedIn).

Q: What are the top skills needed to practice Agile and DevOps?

The primary skill that is needed is adaptability. Adapting to the technology, adapting to the market conditions, especially now due to the unique COVID19 situation, adaptability becomes even more critical and crucial.

Q: What do you see as the single biggest DevOps challenge right now, and what is your advice for overcoming it?

As far as what I see in the market as the biggest challenge is the “mindset.” Especially with a very solid traditional mindset, most of the organizations are struggling to keep up to the mark of the DevOps advancement. 

Q: As an ambassador, what are your goals for helping to advance the humans of DevOps?

I am trying to spread the advantages of DevOps adoption. Especially when I see organizations struggling with hard and hippocratic processes, I change my role as an evangelist for DevOps. I also keep talking about amalgamation of the existing workflow into the DevOps flow, so that the staff don’t get into change fatigue. 

Q: Can you share a proud “DevOps” moment you’ve had?

Recently there have been a lot of proud moments I would say. To just name one, an organization was trying for Agile implementation for the first time and they couldn’t really imagine the way penetration testing could be implemented in such a scenario. When I walked them through the DevSecOps concepts in combination with the JoHarry’s window, and demonstrated an example, they were like “Ahaa.. this is exactly what we were looking for.’. I literally celebrated that compliment with champagne.

DevOps Institute has declared November as Continuous Testing month! Stay tuned for details about our next Global Ambassador CrowdChat and be sure to join the next Virtual SKILup Day on November 19.


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