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The DevOps Institute is the only vendor-neutral association to support the advancement of the Human Elements of DevOps, as we make the Third Way happen. We work with recognized thought leaders, from companies large and small to help create and set the quality standard for DevOps competency-based education and qualifications. DevOps Institute has become the de-facto standard when it comes to vendor-neutral DevOps accreditation in the market. DevOps Institute has made a significant investment over the years to grow its community and now has over 10,000 Community Members.

The DevOps Institute community and global presence has been developed through opt-in members from social media and event participation, coupled with individuals who have taken one of the seven DevOps Institute certifications, through our network of over 200 Registered Education Partners worldwide. Members of the DevOps Institute community have access to thought leadership, job boards, local chapters, continuous learning opportunities and access to the most relevant developments in the DevOps arena. DevOps Institute has experienced significant year over year growth and is on target to connect with over 10,000 additional individual learners in 2019.

Why Become a Sponsor?

The DevOps Institute is looking to build the largest and most in-depth pool of industry experts to ensure that the needs of all companies and individuals are addressed. Without input from organizations and individuals from around the globe, we will not be able to know if we are addressing all of these needs. By supporting and sharing this knowledge base, you can be sure that the materials produced will help a message of continuity and increase the speed of evolution in this ever-changing space known as DevOps. Being a part of this community will give you a voice in the creation and promotion of the materials produced.

As a Sponsor of The Association, your organization will become an integral part of the Continuous Learning Community. Your sponsorship not only lets people know that you are aligned with the leaders in the DevOps community, but also shows your commitment to helping this community become the Go-To Hub for all things DevOps.

To support the Advancement of the Human Elements of DevOps under ‘Ideas’ and ‘Learning’ within the SKIL Framework you will be providing continuous learning to the community. Sponsor supporters will be able to raise brand awareness through new channels that may not know about the solutions the organization provides. Sponsors will also be recognized as supporting the DevOps Continuous Learning Community. Practitioners and Organizations will gain greater knowledge while providing a platform for Partners and Industry to engage with the Practitioners and Organizations.

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What do you get with your Sponsorship?

The DevOps Institute has created a sponsorship program that is beneficial to all size companies. We want all of our sponsors to be involved in the growth and expansion of this community. Your sponsorship is key in creating a knowledge platform and supporting the growth of your business.

Sponsor Benefits Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Company Logo on sponsor page of the DevOps Institute website x x x x
Unlimited job posting on the Job Board x x x x
Unlimited thought leadership blog posts throughout the year targeted to DevOps Institute Community Members x x x x
Revenue share for Pre/Post-conference training at events hosted by Sponsor x x x
Webinars throughout the year targeted to DevOps Institute Community Members x x x
eBook posting with direction to sponsor page for download x x x
Case Study Collaboration x x x
Sponsored Continuous Learning Minutes Videos (2-3minutes) x x x
Sponsored Knowledge Minute Videos (8-10 minutes) x x
Discounted Skilling as a Service x x x
Discounted DevOps Institute courseware licensing for internal teams & clients x x x
Discounted existing course Accreditation x x x

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