October 17, 2019

4 essential soft skills every DevOps team needs

You might be hearing a lot about “upskilling” lately, particularly in light of […]
September 18, 2019

Top 3 Tips for Acing a DevOps Interview

We share the top three DevOps interview tips and how they can help you land your dream job.
September 18, 2019

IT Certifications Are Important — Particularly for DevOps

DevOps Institute CEO Jayne Groll explains why IT certifications are important, especially for DevOps, and why there shouldn't be resistance to them.
September 10, 2019

What is BizDevOps?

Discover the role business plays in DevOps, the hallmarks of a quality BizDevOps team, and the other evolutions from DevOps.
August 27, 2019

How ITIL4 and SRE align with DevOps

We break down what ITIL4 and SRE are, how each aligns with DevOps, and how to identify which service management framework is right for you.
August 22, 2019

How to explain DevOps in plain English

Having trouble boiling DevOps and all it encompasses down to a sound bite? Here are a few simple definitions and analogies that will help explain DevOps, even to non-techies
August 20, 2019

DevOps Institute Opens ‘2020 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report’ Survey

DevOps Institute, a global association for advancing the humans of DevOps, has launched the "2020 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report" survey.
August 20, 2019

DevOps Institute Focuses on the Human Side of Software Delivery

For all the talk about automation at DevOps World|Jenkins World, the DevOps Institute shined the spotlight on the human element.
August 14, 2019

DevOps Institute Announces Ambassador Program to Advance the Humans of DevOps

The volunteer-based ambassador program connects passionate leaders with global DevOps Institute community members through the SKIL Framework.
August 2, 2019

Full Enterprise Adoption: Ways of Working

We share the key constraints that are driving the conversations outside of the technology teams and into 'the business' teams in ways of working.
July 25, 2019

DevOps: The good, bad and ugly

Discover the good, bad, and ugly of the emerging transformation of DevOps into DevSecOps with industry experts Jayne Groll, and John Stuart.
July 10, 2019

3 DevOps roadblocks and how to beat them

Experts share their experience with three major roadblocks to DevOps transformation and how to solve them.