Site Reliability

June 18, 2020

My Learning From : Building Secure & Reliable Systems SRS Book/SRE

Google recently launched the Google SRE series book: ‘Building Secure and Reliable Systems’ and here are some of the key learnings from the book.
June 16, 2020

SRE: Building a Culture of Reliability, Resiliency and Risk Management

SRE propagates a culture of building and operating reliable, resilient, risk-managed software systems and now at the heart of all the happenings.
June 15, 2020

Site Reliability Engineering: What is it?

Site Reliability Engineer is among the top 10 in-demand jobs for 2020. This seems like the best job to bag but the question is, who are they?
June 8, 2020

Site Reliability Engineering ‘Key Concepts’ – SLO, Error Budget, TOIL and Observability

Much before DevOps came into existence, Google already created Site Reliability Engineers to make the systems more stable and reliable.
June 3, 2020

Site Reliability Engineering: Monitoring and Observability

With DevOps initiatives, developers are not only developing software but are now focusing on monitoring and operational aspects of the service.
May 22, 2020

The Dawn of Site Reliability Engineering: SRE Fuelling the Journey Towards Digital Reinvention

Learn how SRE is helping the day to day responsibilities of IT development and operations team that are continuously evolving.
May 13, 2020

Choosing the Right Service Level Indicators

A well-known quote from Google Site Reliability Engineering handbook is: "Site Reliability Engineering as discipline that requires a lot of curiosity, humility and openness.” And this is fantastic for those who are in such a culture, but we need to understand not everyone can operate at Google scale and everybody has their own challenge.
January 4, 2018

IT ops pros evolve into SREs with the right DevOps skill set

IT ops pros evolve into SREs with the right DevOps skill set […]
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