Continuous Learning Minutes

Continuous Learning Minutes (CLMs) are a series of short "what is" videos by key industry leaders that provide definitions and explanations around some of the most commonly used terms and concepts associated with DevOps. .


What is T-Shaping?

With Jayne Groll

What is ChatOps?

With Helen Beal


What is AI OPs?

With Andi Mann

What is Infrastructure as Code?

With Josh Atwell


What is Technical Debt?

WithJosh Atwell


What is Application Performance Management?

With JP Morgenthal


What is Auto Remediation?

With Michael Kehoe

What is Mainframe DevOps?

With Rosalind Radcliffe


What is DevSecOps?

With John Willis

Cultural Resilience

With Karen Ferris


What is Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)?

with Jennifer Petoff
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