DevOps Institute Certification Spotlight with Niladri Choudhuri


Professional certifications are a reflection of the in-demand skills needed to break into a new career field. DevOps Institute helps IT professionals advance their skills, knowledge, ideas and learning through role-based certifications. These industry-recognized certification programs focus on modern competencies and job requirements necessary for today’s organizations that are implementing DevOps.

The individual we are spotlighting below is recognized as a “DevOps Certified” professional who holds accredited DevOps Institute certifications. This “Human of DevOps” actively advances and supports emerging DevOps patterns and practices to strengthen the collective human ‘know-how’ within the DevOps community and help DevOps transformation succeed at their organization.

This week, we are excited to spotlight DevOps Certified Professional, Niladri Choudhuri, CEO of Xellentro India and Xellentro SGP. Niladri holds DevOps Foundation, DevOps Continuous Delivery Architect, DevOps Test Engineer, DevOps Leader, DevSecOps Engineer and SRE Foundation certifications. Below, we asked Niladri a few questions about his certifications, how they have benefitted his career and advice he has for fellow Humans of DevOps considering certifications.

In addition to his role as CEO of Xellentro India and Xellentro SGP, Niladri is the chief organizer of DevOps India summit. His competencies include portfolio, program and project management consulting and enterprise project management tools implementation. He also consults on agile, DevOps and SRE methodologies. He is a regular speaker at events globally on DevOps, SRE, DevSecOps and ITIL4.

(You can connect with Niladri directly on Twitter at @niladrimc or via LinkedIn).

What drove you to get certified in each of your chosen domains?

I always try to keep myself updated with the latest skillsets. As I am into consulting and training, I feel the necessity of having myself certified. Certifications help me assure myself of the knowledge that I have gained in accordance to the international body of knowledge.

Give an example of a time that your certification knowledge has been valuable.

I use the certification knowledge on a regular basis for my training and consulting engagements. I am also being recognized as a thought leader and a speaker in global forums and conferences.

What are your preferred learning methods (i.e. DIY, in-class training, online, etc.)? 

To me, I feel there is a need for a trainer. However, the trainer needs to have good command over the subject and experience, not just an academic. The value comes from his/her experience. The rest can be read.

What advice do you have for DevOps professionals who are considering a certification?

They should go to accredited organizations (REP) and check the Linkedin profile of the trainer. You might get a cheap certificate, but you’ll lack the knowledge. 

Interested in becoming a DevOps Certified Professional? Certifications are an option for all DevOps professionals looking to obtain knowledge and advance their careers. Learn more about DevOps Institute’s certification options that will help you SKILup here

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