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Insights from a DevOps Entrepreneur with DevOps Institute Global Ambassador, Hugo Lourenco

Humans of DevOps

DevOps Institute Ambassadors are volunteers from across the globe that want to help advance the career opportunities in IT and support emerging practices within the DevOps community based on a human-centered SKIL Framework, consisting of Skills, Knowledge, Ideas, and Learning.  

These individuals are advocates for the “Humans of DevOps” and are industry pioneers who are passionate about the DevOps movement, are recognized DevOps subject matter experts and who voluntarily contribute to the Collective Body of Knowledge (CBok) of DevOps. 

This week, we are proud to feature an Ambassador from Lisbon, Portugal, Hugo Lourenco, founder of Scrumday Portugal®, Experience Agile® and DevOps Forum, World Agility Forum and Agile21®. 

Below, we asked Hugo a few questions about his goals as a DevOps Institute Ambassador, career inspiration, challenges, and advice for rising DevOps professionals.

Hugo is an entrepreneur in several businesses and his main focus is to understand how companies are dealing with better ways of working and how to improve their business outcomes for their employees and customers. He collaborates as a guest lecturer in some national and international business schools and has a presence in the North American, and European markets. Hugo is a creative and passionate person when it relates to building new ways of working and collaborating.

(You can connect with Hugo directly via Twitter at @HLourenco75 or LinkedIn).

Q: As an ambassador, what are your goals for helping to advance the Humans of DevOps?

Giving back. 

There have been so many people who have helped me on my journey: in conferences, talks, webinars, consultancy and training so giving back with my knowledge and expertise in this subject, is the least I can do. 

I believe that in the work and community environment we are part of a team, and this team belongs to a bigger team. One of my main goals is to explain how we can avoid waste energy and effort in DevOps in a manner that improves business agility.

Q: Who has been the most impactful throughout your career or personal journey?

The list is long and distinguished – I always wanted to say this!

From professors, colleagues to students, I always take a lesson learned with me.

Q: Tell us about a challenge you’ve encountered in your job or career and how you overcame that obstacle.

Many times I faced untrustable people that choose to not use transparency in order to hide lack of performance. And personally, it was very hard to accept because by default, I trust in people. I love to be surrounded by people I can admire by their path, the humanity they put in their work and learn from them.

Whatever you do, be authentic! Keep improving and learning in different areas, with hard work and passion, you achieve your goals. Whatever you believe, accept your inner motivation and start improving. 

For those just starting to consider a technology career, avoid the temptation to enroll in an expensive code training program unless you know it’s the right program and career path for you.

Explore your network and surround yourself with mentors to help you with your tech career.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give someone starting their career in tech?

Whatever you do, be authentic! Back 15 yrs ago, I said yes because it was polite to say yes. I accepted things just because I got the opportunity — because we want to impress and be sure people love what we do! Don’t do that! Accept what you are and start improving.

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