Let’s SKILup – August is Observability Month


The dictionary.com definition of “observe” is to “see, watch, perceive, or notice.”  

Based on control theory, observability is a measure of how well internal states of a system can be inferred from knowledge of its external outputs.  This approach is now being adopted by global IT organizations that are managing complex interoperable environments and need more than reactive monitoring to understand the state of their systems.

Observability as a practice has gained so much interest that DevOps Institute is committing an entire SKILup Day in August to focus exclusively on observability from a cultural, process and automation perspective.  As a former IT Ops Director, this is a topic that I am particularly excited to learn more about, including the difference between monitoring and observability and how to start an observability practice. 

Speakers for the Observability SKIlup Day include enterprise leaders and industry experts  who will provide a holistic view of observability from multiple lenses. Topics will range from the basics to the business value to the technical aspects.  As always, SKILup Days will include live panels, wellness sessions, a signature mixology lesson, and the ability to engage with speakers, sponsors and each other in the Networking Chat Lounge.

Whether you are a SRE, software engineer, DevOps Engineer, Systems Administrator, ITSM professional or an enterprise IT leader, I hope that you will join DevOps Institute on August 20th for SKILup Day on Observability by registering here.  While you are at it, why not become a free member of DevOps Institute and explore the other resources  and assets available with our basic membership.

Observability would not be possible without tools that support the practice, Please take some time on August 20th to visit our sponsors in the Expo Hall, stop by their booths and learn more about how their products and services are supporting observability in the enterprise.  We are grateful for their support and help in underwriting SKILup Days.

They include

See you on August 20th!  

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