Non-Certification DevOps DrillDowns

Plug-In and Customize Your Learning Experience

The DevOps Institute series of non-certification workshops “drills down” into a topic or practice that may have been introduced in another course. Our DrillDowns are very focused and provide more prescriptive guidance and practical experience for the learner and are designed as complementary “plug-ins” to our certifications.

DevOps DrillDowns

Value Stream Mapping for DevOps℠

Value Stream Mapping is a key practice for increasing flow, eliminating waste and understanding how IT delivers value to its customers. DevOps Institute’s Value Stream Mapping for DevOps course was authored by Mike Orzen, a prominent Lean IT thought leader and author of two publications: Lean IT and the Lean IT Field Guide. Orzen was also awarded the Shingo award in 2011.

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ITSM for DevOps℠

This non-certification course describes how to adapt IT service management (ITSM) processes in support of DevOps. You will learn and practice pragmatic approaches for streamlining and automating existing ITSM processes and for handling compliance as code.

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