The DevOps Institute

The DevOps Institute is the continuous learning community around emerging DevOps practices. Working with recognized thought leaders, the DevOps Institute is setting the quality standard for DevOps competency-based education and qualifications.

Our Mission & Vision

The DevOps Institute’s vision is to facilitate a community where members have access to the most innovative, inspirational and transformational DevOps content, courses and certifications around emerging DevOps practices and principles. We strive to provide content that inspires discussion, collaboration, transformation, and to foster healthy dialogue among global members of various technical backgrounds and experiences.

We will fulfill our mission by

Creating an inclusive community that encourages individuals to continuously gain knowledge and exchange experiences and ideas
Curating the expansive DevOps’ Collective Body of Knowledge in order to track and trend the latest and most innovative approaches to DevOps

Engaging with industry thought leaders and our Board of Regents to produce content, courses and certifications that enable IT professionals to evolve their skills and advance their careers
Partnering with a global network of trusted education partners to ensure the highest quality learning experience for our courses and certifications