Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Foundation℠ is a freestanding certification from DevOps Institute. The purpose of this certification and its associated course is to impart, test and validate knowledge of SRE basic vocabulary, principles and practices. SRE Foundation is intended to provide individuals an understanding of basic SRE concepts and how SRE may be used to improve operational activities by applying Site Reliability Engineering principles and engineering practices.

Eligibility for Examination

Although there are no formal prerequisites for the exam, DevOps Institute highly recommends the following to prepare candidates for the exam leading to SRE Foundation certification:

  • It is recommended that candidates complete at least 16 contact hours (instruction and labs) as part of a formal, approved training course delivered by an accredited Education Partner of DevOps Institute

Examination Administration

The SRE Foundation certification is accredited, managed and administered under the strict protocols and standards of DevOps Institute.

Level of Difficulty

The SRE Foundation certification uses the Bloom Taxonomy of Educational Objectives in the construction of both the content and the examination.

  • The SRE Foundation exam contains Bloom 1 questions that test learners’ knowledge of SRE concepts and vocabulary terms (see list below)
  • The exam also contains Bloom 2 questions that test learners’ comprehension of these concepts in context

Format of the Examination

Candidates must achieve a passing score to gain the SRE Foundation Certificate.

Exam Type
40 multiple choice questions
60 minutes
It is recommended that candidates complete the SRE Foundation course from an accredited DevOps Institute Education Partner
Open Book
Passing Score
Web Based
SRE Foundation Certified
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