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Value Stream Management

5 Reasons Why Organizations Struggle to Deliver “Value” in DevOps

Eric Robertson, VP Product Marketing, Digital AI

How to Accelerate Your Product & DevOps
Culture of Innovation with Value Stream Mapping

Shaaron Alvares, Sr. Agile DevOps Transformation Coach, T-Mobile

Four Tips for Remote Work in Enterprise Software Delivery

Jeffrey Keyes, VP of Product, Plutora

Value Stream Mapping vs. Value Stream Management – What’s the Diff?

Mike Orzen, Consultant and Author of
Lean IT and the Lean IT Field Guide

Understanding Where and When Value is Created and Delivered

Jack Maher, Digital Transformation
Evangelist, Standing on Shoulders LLC

Closing Remarks

Jayne Groll, CEO, DevOps Institute

Using Metrics to Accelerate Your Value Stream Flow

Helen Beal, Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute